Bruce Dickinson, the actor

Paradise Club

The Paradise Club is a British TV-series in ten independent episodes, all about two brothers, Danny and Frank Kane. Danny owns the "Paradise Club" and runs a small scale gangster business and his brother Frank is a priest(!!).

Bruce is starring in episode 7, "Rock 'n' roll roulette" in which he is a famous guitarist/singer, Jake Skinner, who's pissed off with the way the record company dictates his life. He's out playing on the street in the opening scene of the program and is being picked up by some Al Capone-ish guys who brings him to the studio where he was supposed to be recording an album.

What happens is that the record company has signed him to a sponsoring deal which says that he should drink only one drink, Rock 'n' Cola, until the upcoming tour is done. This, of course, pisses him off and he leaves the studio in anger and the rest of the fifty minute program is based on his battle against the record label.

In the studio we see "Fraud squad" which are, Janick Gers on guitar, Andy Carr, bass and Dickie Flitzar on drums, i.e. the band that Bruce used on the 1990 solo tour. In a clip where they're in the studio recording they play a part of the song "Wishing well" by Free. (They used to play that song on the "Tattooed millionaire" tour. The recording used in the studio scene was done in CTS studios (where all the James Bond themes were done) on June 7-8 1990 when the band was rehearsing for the tour. This studio version of the song remains unreleased)

Bruce in a movie?

Bruce was planned to be in a British movie funded by a US company starring Dean Cain (from the "Lois & Clark" TV series). They were supposed to be shooting it in Prague, in August 1999, but it was delayed as films tend to be. According to the Swedish recordcompany Bruce will not be doing the movie after all, due to lack of time, but this remains to be verified.

Bruce explains in an exclusive interview for The Bruce Dickinson and then some page: Basically you have to accept the premise that since the 1800's zombies have been trying to take over the earth. Once you accept that premise everything is okay. Because there is a team of people who have been trained to stop them over the years. Basically it's like a remake of The Seventh Samurai or The Magnificent Seven, in which one guy puts together a team of old gun fighters to go an take out the bad guys on kind of a suicide mission and I play one of the seven guys. A bezerk swordsmen in my case, which is kind of approprate. Itís a good all action type of film.

AirRaid might have done the soundtrack for Europe, but as Bruce's involvement is a bit unsure, it might not happen. There were some unusual request for music. Bruce had some music by "The Tribe of Gypsies" which he played to some guy involved in the production team and the guy freaked. Bruce was planning to put some of his own tracks on the soundtrack and might even have written one unique song for the movie but this is now most likely not to happen.