The Bruce Dickinson Wellbeing Network

Everyone can make a contribution

Tourdates wanted

We're always looking for Bruce Dickinson tourdates, new old, postponed, cancelled gigs, all are of interest...

Did you visit a show and can't find it in out tour list?
Or is the venue or date incorrect?
You might have a bootleg-recording of a show.

Everything that can help to complete the tour calendar is of interest.
Contact us on Facebook.

Bruce Dickinson discography

Do you have an unusual or in some way special Bruce Dickinson release? A Japaneese single, Skunkworks on Yugoslavian vinyl, a promocopy of Accident of Birth?

Contact us on Facebook with details of the item (i.e. catalogue numbers etc...) and we'll post it on the discography. Everything is of interest.

Credits for this site

Persons who have in one way or another supplied us with information (in no specific order. Well... perhaps the first guy has an obvious first spot...)

Bruce Dickinson, Jerker Ĺgren at Musikservice, Jeremy Haines, Reka Tumay, Lawrence Kupsho, Jonathan Weekes, Sarah Philp, Paul Kirkpatrick, Alberto Mangiafico, Suzan Kverh at Playground music, Daniel Abasolo, Tobias Broljung, Filip Milojica, Diego Pivoz, Lars Karlsson, Celso, Andrew Woodman, Rebecca Madison, Igor Bratic, Patrik Gustafsson, Zdeno Gališ, DuEK, Gabriel Viana, Erik, Rob Grain, Jim, Chris Plummer, E~V~I~L, Chris Dale, Chris Compton, Peter DePalma, Rodrigo de Oliveira Moraes, Marco Aurélio Balloussier, Mike Canales, David Stalker, Christopher Marsh, Daniel Sheets, Mario Berendijk, Leonardo Motta, Marise Benitez, Martin Owens, Koen Verdeyen, John William Reynolds, Marco Klatte, Guy Thomas, Jason, EddiesTomb, Gabriela Kulka, Thiago, Rob, Chris Harrison, Mikael Sundberg, Mira Novy, Liam, Jordynn001, Nusse Antoni, Stefan Almqvist, Roy Z, Dave Ingraham, Robert Skoog, Wes Johnson, Matti Impola, Richard Carr, Pete Friesen, Howard Jones, David Childree, Andy Carr, Melissa Carnegie, Leah Seki, Steve Jones, Gemma Moody, Jeff Moody, Chris Hill Mistheria, Thelastrites, Ray Burke, David Moreno, 58Girl, Sylvia Sánchez, Gail Pailin Johnsson, Brigitte Schön, Emma Koszinowski, Bridget Shilling-Bawden, Noggin Walsall, Aad Oliehoek