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Xero-Oh baby (1983)

On a limited number of the band Xero's first single "Oh baby" there is an extra track called "Lone wolf", featuring Bruce on vocals. This is a song from a recording by Bruce's third band Shots.

At one point Bill Leisegang was their guitarplayer and he later formed the band Xero. When they were about to release their first single their manager had an idea of how to sell some more copies of the single. If they put out "Lone wolf" as an extra track on a limited edition of it, and put Bruce Dickinson's name on the cover it would be sure to attract more buyers. Bruce and Maiden had recently had a top ten hit with "Run to the hills" so his name was in the spotlight.

At the time of it's release, this was the earliest recording of Bruce made public. Bruce describes it as a kind of a "portastudio recording kind of vibe".

Bill Leisegang later went on to work together with german experimental musician Nina Hagen.